my traffic is like a rollercoaster…..

Blogging January 16th, 2008

I manage to get 200 unique visit on a single day…but only 5 hits on the other day…. I used  stumble  upon to promote my blog… I got traffic from all over the world and I bet they don’t even understand a single word that I wrote because my post are majority in malay… but thanks to innit I finally get visitor that can understand what I wrote.. and I manage to build a network among us… but in order to get that many hits, I need to post something…that is my biggest problem now…. I dont want to write about faizal tahir… zarina an julie and any other celebrity though that it can burst my traffic… that is so not me…  and I dont have qualification yet to give tutorial or give tips on how to blog…. I’m totally a newbie and I need more knowledge to write that kind of post…. as a month old blogger I’m still searching for my own identity… no different than a baby that still try to figure out about the world… other than that, I have problem with internet connection in my hostel… I currently use a hotspot account that being shared by at least 10 person…. to get an excellent connection is like a dream here…. I really hope that by the end of 20o8 I manage to be a good blogger and improve my  blogging skills…and last but not least sorry for  my terrible English because my grammar is not with me at the moment… there are lots of hungry chickens and ducks need to be fed  at my  village….


tak cukup? apa kata kalau subscribe je feed blog ni

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  1. pamsong says:

    Wow. 200 and 5 is a BIG difference.

    Haha. But then again, I’m sure Innit has helped many of us. Just collect a good number of returning readers and in time, you’ll build a good reader base. =)

    All the best!


  2. vangardx says:

    tahniah, teruskan memblog nanti bukan setakat roller coaster je tau 😛


  3. CypherHackz says:

    You must decide what your blog niche is. Then you can set what are the goals that you want to achive. Then just write about your niche and the traffics will come. Good luck.


  4. Shuun says:

    200 is a big least for me coz it still pain too reach that amount of unique visit in a day..*else your blog really does have something interesting*

    anyway…enjoy blogging!!! ^^ harap you get more and more unique visit.


  5. top0 says:

    thanks guys for all your advices…:)>-:)>-


  6. syuxx says:

    waw! takpa².
    jalan slow². nanti kau lihat hasil dia.
    plus, rajin2 lah research okeyh!



  7. says:

    Bro, maintain blog ni dalam masa yang sama buat satu blog lain yg ada “niche” macam aku ni haa…. visitor? bleh la tahan… pelan pelan… janji ada..


  8. top0 says:

    thanx guys…. tapi seriously ak xtau “niche” tu ape??:-?:-?:-?


  9. deennasour says:

    wow 200!!
    dabomb number,,
    ilek lah topo~
    sikit2 lama jadi2 bukit,,
    same with me,,we still newbie in blogging,
    so dont shy to ask any tips from problogger,,wakaka,,
    lepak lah selalu dgn vangradx~
    my grammar also at my kampung~


  10. says:

    “niche” tu cakap Jerman macam – “pengkhususan” dalam Bahasa Melayu atau specialties dalam BI. Blog yang khusus, contohnya Blog pasal Makanan, lelaki, wanita, perempuan, sex, games, dan paling special sekali Bola EPL la.. ahaks.. (promote skit)

    Kalau buat Blog rojak pun okey, tapi ayat kena power, kena sensasi, panas ataupun “sexy”.

    Kena buat at least 2-3 blog bro, penat skit lah… tapi kalau visitor mula datang.. berbaloi..

    Cabut dulu.. nanti datang lagi..


  11. elliv says:

    traffic.. memang payah.. 5 ke 200… kalau nak ambik masa 2 bulan dpt ker? 🙂 kalau dpt memang salute2..


  12. azwanhadzree says:

    searching for your own identity? you r what u r, u already hv an identity. just be yourself in writing and people will appreciate that :d


  13. zaki blogjer says:

    I’m not into celebrity too, except internet related celebrity such as Bill Gates



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