Masterpiece December 11th, 2007

this is my first post in english…..sorry, my grammar is not with me at the moment because there are plenty of things to be done at my kampung………hohoho when I was reorganizing my file… I found this…..my english assignment during matriculation………hohohoho my first and (the last maybe) poem……………

when I woke up this m0rning,
I feel s0 strange,
it seems that I’ve been forgetting s0mething,
s0mething that are n0t very important,

I saw a blue pen got stuck in my noSe,
h0w did it g0t there?
d0N’t ASk ME

I saw my b0dy being covered with t0nnes oF papers,
each filled with words that i can barely abble t0 read,
w0rds that seems t0 be meaningless t0 me,
wh0 wrote those w0rds?
d0N’t ASk ME

i saw a t0wer oF dicti0naries besides me,
something that I never use bef0re,
each have the thickness that I’ve never imagine,
the use 0f the dicti0naries?
d0N’t ASk ME

when I was trying to enjoy my breakfast,
something came up t0 my mind,
now I remember,
i g0t an unfinished assignment,
what assignment?
d0N’t ASk ME

as was trying to do the assignment,
my brain seems t0 be 0n a vacati0n,
all my ideas were enj0ying the beautiful scenery 0f the beach,
and they neglected me,
luckily a c0uple of ideas help me up and I c0me up with this stupid poem,
the title of this poem?
d0N’t ASk ME

3 Responses to “~~lalala……”

  1. otakbeku says:

    don ask me????
    cm familiar giler je……
    dun ask me…..


  2. top0 says:

    hohoho ni la stu2 nye poem ak… trime kaseh diucapkan kpda hairil afif hamid sbab tlah mmberikan idea tok wat poem nie…hohohoho



  1. rakanku yg dah terjebak dengan dunia blog... | my liFe as topO...

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