topo’s 100th post!!!!!

Blogging August 2nd, 2008

yeah finally I reached 100 post!!!!=d hohoho for this 100th post, I’ll do something different… I’ll write this post in english…hope that this will satisfy my non-Malay readers… before I start.. I would like to apologize first if this post is totally broken english… hohoho actually I dont even know how to spell apologize….

ok for this 100th post, we’ll do some time traveling. we’ll explore somethings about my blog that maybe few of you knew… first of all… do you know that before blogging in I have been blogging in two other blogs… hohoho (the abandoned blog…8)) and also ( hohoho I have problem wit the admin panel.. and I dont know whether to vanish the blog or not…)

ok these are the first time facts about my blog…hohoho

  • first post : my life as topo 02/12/07 hohoho I cant stop laughing at myself when I read this post again…
  • first comment : from someone name techie… hohoho read it here
  • first post in english my traffic is like a rollercoaster…hohoho the visitor on that day really amazed me…
  • first post that is not related to my personal life… open source… hohoho I’m bad at writing this kind of post….
  • first time I got 30 comment : semua blogger adalah pembohong… hoho  a post that is not related at all to the title
  • first post that have more than 100 viewers in just 2 hours… bola itu bulat.. hohoo thanks to stumble upon
  • first time I got review from other blogger : greeny topo… hohoho I won a threesome contest…hohooh

ok I think thats all… maybe I’ll write another similar post when I reach 1000 post…hohoho and I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks everybody that read this blog and support me until now… hohoh thanks a lot..

p/s: yeah!!! finally I post my 100th post…<:-p =d

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13 Responses to “topo’s 100th post!!!!!”

  1. [email protected] says:

    I feel so satisfied! xD
    topo: me too!!!!


  2. humbleandmodest says:



    topo: apa itu pinkaboom??


  3. MakanMalaya says:

    tahniah topotato. hehe :d
    topo: makasih….hohohoho


  4. oDiN says:

    T0p0 hensem ..
    topo: memang paling hensem la…


  5. Mohd Hafifi says:

    congratulation Topo..aku baru ade belas2 je..mklumlah, orang baru..hehe:-)


  6. zaki blogjer says:

    Cepatnye dh 100 post. Ngko mmg aktif topo
    topo: xde la cepat sangat…


  7. fara says:

    topo topo topo.
    ho yeah! happy 100th post 😀
    topo: hohoho lama aku tunggu saat ni….


  8. abdusfauzi says:

    hurm.. bila la agak nya aku nk dpt 100th post tu.. aduhai.. :-w


  9. syam says:

    tahniah kerana berjaya capai post ke 100 plus post ini ditulis dgn nada yg sgt ceria. tak macma aku bile menulis post ke 100 aku dgn nada sedih dan kesal atas perangai kawan aku.

    ps: target untuk capai post ke 200 pada bulan oktober nanti.


  10. nUrULeFA says:

    great achievement,

    be proud of urself,
    impossible is nothing? :)>-


  11. myadlan says:

    seronok juga recap balik post2 lama ni..

    mengimbau nostalgia yg zaman2 awal blogging..

    keep up d good work!
    topo: agak sronok gak la…


  12. bantingboy says:

    hoho…banyak dah post tu. :d:d
    topo: xde la banyak sangat…



  1. topo dah tulis 200 post!!! |

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