topo love being single…

Blogging August 27th, 2008

yeah another english post by topo… =d really hope that I can write more English post in the future…8-> hohoho… ok topo posting about relationship /:) hohoh though I’ve been blogging for about a year now… this is the first time I post something about relationship,love..etc.. this is totally not me… hohohoh ok actually this post is a response to an award that I just receive from my ex classmate… hohohoho love being single award…

topo love being single...

topo love being single...

ok the criteria to get this award..

he or she, is still single, and not desperate to find new GF/BF. He or she also very comited to their life, and not affected by other’s interest of having soulmate. The receiver also is a person who not rejecting girls/boys in his/her life, but, stay put where they are, and keep the distant of friendships at their state.

and why topo got this award.. 😕

Why it has to be Topo? The reasons were; he always got some secret admire, received weird flirting sms, and always nice to girls, but, still, he has no GF (as far as I’m concern).

ok I know nothing about the secret admire… It’s true that I received flirting sms… but…it has been a very long time since the last sms that I’ve got… hohoho maybe they afraid that I’ll post the sms here like what I’ve done to sofia’s sms… hohoho ok about being nice to girls.. yes.. I’m nice to everyone :>.. but still most of my classmate + ex classmate.. girls especially said that I’m a furious guy.. and they asked me to be more polite or “lemah lembut”… hohoho but what I’m really sure is… I still have no GF.. hohoho

ok because this award is not being given by hot and gorgeous female blogger…:-v I’ll past this award to another blogger.. hohohooh and the lucky single blogger is… Aniely from though currently she is busy flirting with blogmenjerit… but I’m really sure that she is still single while I write this post.. sa aniely.. If you are still single now.. feel free to take this award ya…

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p/s: I’m waiting the greeny version of this award.. hohohoho and Aniely.. If you want the orange version… request it from the him… hohohoo

p/s2: yeah it is not a love post after all…=d

p/s3: psss.. aku tau korg tengah carik jadual waktu berbuka puasa dan imsak sila lah download di sini..

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15 Responses to “topo love being single…”

  1. zariel says:

    err…aku pn single gak ni. bagi la award kat aku sama…huhuhu :d
    topo: single ye… aku report nnt.. hohoho


  2. aniely says:

    yeaaaa..I’m single…….flirty with BM?? hahaha just a simple jokes to make ppl laugh ok…
    topo: yeah.. I’m laughing…


  3. Mohd Hafifi says:

    kita sama la topo-single..hoho
    topo: yeah!!!


  4. blogmenjerit says:

    :d best jugak gosip menggosip ni, naik gak trafik aku. 😡 semoga kita kekal ke anak cucu wahai aniely ku say********ng =))
    topo: hohohoh buat la satu post penghargaan utk aku.. biar trafik aku naek skali.. 😀


  5. fara says:

    ho yeah topo’s crapping in english x)

    ahah topo. livng a single life is very carefree kan 🙂
    topo: yeah =d


  6. aniely says:

    saya pon nak trafik boLeh??? aUuuwww yOu nih BM ..jgn la wat ai maLu kat sini:x ..waa waa waa:o
    topo: aku rasa 2-3 hari ni byak trafik yg aku bg kt ko.. hohooh


  7. Adry says:

    hahahha.. award cam ni pun ada… hehehe
    topo: ade.. hohoho


  8. KNizam says:

    wahhh ko pun buat award ek =d
    topo: mana ade aku buat… ni pon org bg… hohoho


  9. angriani says:

    shantek jer award tu topo…



  10. aniely says:

    idop topo single mingle and flirty …yuhOoo abg topo potato chiP=d


  11. Najlaa says:

    eyh bole tak aku nak menyebok sket join klub ‘love being single’ nih..? hehe…:)>-

    oh ye..tuan tanah, nak mintak izin exchange link…boleh yek..?;)


  12. myadlan says:

    whoa. cool english entry this time.
    em.. i’m also single but thinking of getting married already..

    hehe. i was like you.. being nice with girls. but people called me playboy.. nonsense right?

    eh.. are you playboy then?
    topo: the girls like to play with me.. hohhoo can I be considered as playgirl??? =))


  13. nabil says:

    wow ! really cool award!
    probably, i should get one too -.-


  14. ubey says:

    hoho~ a step further instead of other typical malay blogger. nice topo


  15. abdusfauzi says:

    Bro, gua dah upload yg Green, pegi la catch! and, aku dah open dah, so, ko bleh bagi je kat sape-sape yang ko rase patut. hehe.


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