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happy birthday to me!!! | topotato.com

happy birthday to me!!!

Life January 8th, 2008

this is a special post to thank all my family and friend who remembered my birthday… thanks a lot guys…

firstly to my family…. mum, dad, kak long and other siblings…. thanks a lot guys… though there is no birthday cake and candles, but you guys brighten up my life……

to my classmate…. wai sun, yen mei, low ru shi…dhana, deena.. azzah..shedah.. thanks for the glittering birthday wish.. hohoho I got lots of unique comments on my birthday….

also to my classmate… jeremy,victor,tiong lee.. thanks for singing birthday song during tech comm class… though it is off the pitch… hahaha thanks guys…

and to those who send birthday sms to me…my classmate, zue and pei pei… thanks a lot… they are the only person that have my number… hohohoho my phone number is very top secret hahahaha…. my ex classmate.. miza and tika…. thanks for remembering me that I’m only 19…..hohohoho

to my ex merantianz friends… oa,acab,cabern.palito,paiz..lawi… thanks guys because you remember me…. hohoho sorry I can’t make it to the gathering….

hohoho wishes from far-far away… from Jordan.. thanks wan… hohoho last year sent me sms from jordan… this year maybe he got crisis with money and could not afford it… anyway thanks a lot man…. wish from manchester… my loyal blog reader hohoho thanks epa….

and not to forget.. wishes from acrux member…. asmida and ezzah… thanks guys becouse you still remember me….

and last but not least… to my house mate… zaki, erman..amy,wan,zul,fahimi,izan,dan, and especially to bob…. thaks for the flour and eggs… But I really hope that next year, instead of flour and eggs why don’t you guys buy me a cake… hohoho anyway thanks a lot guys… I END UP CLEANING ALL THE MESS WHILE THEY WERE THE ONE WHO HAD ALL THE FUN….


One Response to “happy birthday to me!!!”

  1. bya says:

    knapa name sy tiadaa…
    knpa name tika n miza ad~~~
    sedangkan memberi ucapan melalui sms dr mxs ke celcom mengunakan bnyak wang…..
    topo lupaa sahabat~~


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